In this agreement, the word “you” refers to an individual creating an account on The EKG Guy website. Your account information is be used by only one individual and not shared with others.


An individual registration and license to The EKG Guy website, with appropriate payment for any specific subscription plan and acceptance of this these terms and conditions, grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license, and right to use and access The EKG Guy teaching content and online software (the “Licensed Materials”) in accordance with the applicable subscription plan terms. Each registration to The EKG Guy permits a single individual to access and use the Licensed Materials within that specific subscription by using his or her unique email and password from any location via the Internet.


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You have obtained the right to use and access the Licensed Materials for a limited and pre-specified period of time based on the subscription plan you choose and have purchased. At the end of this period, your license and your associated rights to that plan’s content will renew automatically. Any subscription renewal will occur automatically. Refunds for a subscription plan can occur if less than three questions have been accessed, you reach out within 7 days, and it has been reviewed and approved by The EKG Guy team.